Persistence & Determination

The RiverNext on the list of strategies to achieve your own unique definition of success: Persistence and Determination.

We all have different levels of physical, mental and emotional development. We all have different degrees of education, experience, knowledge, skills and talent. Some people have naturally dynamic personalities, or unique qualities that give them a head start. Some are born into lives of desperation, disadvantage, or disability. Some have a naturally optimistic, faithful, hopeful or joyous outlook.

Yet, no matter where we fall on this spectrum, we are all human. We are born into this world, without being asked whether we want to come here or not, and are called upon by life to, hopefully, follow our conscious. Deep inside, we all want to live the best, most joyful, effective, industrious, productive way we can. Yet it is easy to get lost. To lose compassion for others, lose focus, lose our unique way of expressing our talents, and despite what many of the “self help gurus” would like to sell you on, it’s not always easy to find your way back home.

It is in these potentially dark, depressing and discouraging times that we can find out our true nature. It’s easy to be happy and persist when all is well. It is when the road is dark, the terrain very difficult, and the thunder is rattling your cage when you can find out what you are made of. I have found that having an ironclad commitment to the quality of persistence and determination is one of the pillars of your personal development plan. Only you can call yourself out. Only you can decide to quit. Only you can make a determined effort to persist until you overcome your current obstacle.

In the words of John Popper, lead singer of Blues Traveler:

“That you’re gonna have to go and find it
You’ll have to dig beneath the ground
You’ll have to unearth every ugly stone
That kept you on your own
And simply put them down
You’re gonna have to look around”

No matter who you are, we are all dealing with various obstacles, roadblocks, problems, etc. We can choose to confront them head on, accept reality, and go to work to make a reasonable plan to take action to solve our problems. Or, we can stick our head in the sand and let life bury us in complexity. It is primarily through our attitude that we will persist, that we are determined to succeed, that we can effectively deal with life’s multitude of challenges. We can be the smartest, most talented, most skillful, most experienced, person in the world, but if our attitude is wrong, we will sink into mediocrity. Instead, by listening to your heart and maintaining an attitude of optimism, hope and willingness to work on our problem, we will most certainly overcome it.

With persistence and determination a person can achieve anything he or she sets their mind to. As the great Napoleon Hill said, what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. So let us get to work on our goals and objectives and help each other. If you are in need, if you earnestly want to do something, ask for help. A society can only flourish and grow through our interdependence and willingness to touch each other with our desire to care for each other. If you will persist and are determined to achieve your goal, or your organization’s goal, or your family’s goal, or any other objective you set your mind to achieve, and act patiently with wisdom, you very likely will achieve your dreams, goals and objectives. Only you can stop yourself, and I trust that you will never quit. Take a break. Recharge. But never quit.

Wishing you all the best.



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