Fertilize Your Life

“You can use any road to start from.” JLO

Every so often we need to get philosophic about our life, examine what roads we have traveled, look at the one we are on, and consider what direction we want to travel next.

Sometimes we need to take a different route, get a new perspective, jostle things up. Life can get boring and growth can come slowly, even if your on a decent road, and doing fairly well. Think fertilizer!

If we are unhappy we can change and start a new course. It has often occurred to me to reflect on the fact that what is happening this instant is in fact your life, and more likely than not, what you are doing now is probably what you are going to be doing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Unless of course, we decide to change something. In writing this personal blog I am doing something I do not do as much as I’d like. It helps me offload some thoughts, ideas and work through issues percolating in my head, and hence, it’s following my own advice.

How good is your life really? How happy, fulfilling or exciting is it to you? When we grow into adulthood, the tendency is to accept that we are bound to our duties, obligations and jobs. We sometimes fail to zoom out enough to give thanks for our life and to appreciate our ability to change it how we desire. It is sometimes truly amazing how one tiny decision, perhaps triggered by one neuron in the brain, can make you even slightly turn the steering wheel to move in a new direction. A small change now can wind up in a totally different destination. Think of a major interchange like the Lake City, Florida I-75 and I-10 connection. One turn there and you can wind up in Minnesota or Key West, yet if you don’t turn you’ll keep going to that same place.

Hard questions are hard to answer sometimes but they can trigger our growth like a fertilizer reacts on plants. Some such questions are: Where did you really make a wrong turn? When did you not give enough thought about what to do? Did it hurt someone or negative affect a loved one? How genuinely mature would you say you are today? Why are eating another donut, a bag of Fritos, or a chocolate cake? Where or how can you grow and become a more authentic, true, loving person? If you do not feel a desire to grow into something beyond where you are at now, why do you feel that way? Are you now thinking enough about where to travel next?

Recognize you may be in a funk and even gently turn the steering wheel of your mind. Expand your horizon. Visit a park, go the beach, walk in the woods, call or visit with another person and share something. Do something, anything positive, to dig into your innermost core, your soul, to unearth your greatest desires, dreams and visions of what you want to create with your life.

Looking back, when and where did you really make a wise decision? Who were the people it may have involved? How did it affect you and the people around you? Recognize your own good decisions, and see how they have brought you good results, and allowed you to travel good roads with beautiful events that gave you great memories. Let us make more good, well thought out, reasoned decisions. There is nothing like a decision, even if it is just a good one (as opposed to the undecided potential great one) to calm the mind and bring satisfaction.

All of us have such untapped reserves of creativity, drive and energy. Yet only we can be open to exploring these innermost depths of our character, our minds and our souls. In a culture engrossed in constant communication and media, it is more challenging to remain engaged with our true human spirit. Yet by remaining authentically connected with ourselves, we can and will become happier, more actively engaged in life, and more effective in helping each other get along well in this world. I wish you all the best in working through some of this stuff and perhaps I’ll see you on the road smiling back at me.

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